Artist Statement

Painting is the truest, deepest feeling of self expression I have experienced. As I paint, I feel energized; thoughts and ideas flow naturally, unrestricted and unencumbered. I am in a place more deeply connected to my inner self. I best describe my work as a collection of experiences and qualities uniquely mine. Memories become woven into the fabric of my being, both cultural and personal and which symbolically represent the many facets of my life and complexity of my thoughts.

My favorite medium is oil on canvas. I find the entire process of painting fascinating from beginning to end. From deciding my canvas dimensions, to stretching the canvas, to the best type of brushes and colors to use for the particular painting I am about to begin. The technique I most often use is applying thick layers of paint over thin washes of color, some which I leave exposed or later bring back to the surface in various patterns, creating a juxtaposition of different textures. The patterns which emerge are almost always organic, free, flowing, interconnected vine like shapes, woven through the many layers of color and texture. The colors I choose are bold, rich and oftentimes acidic, which I like as I find they help provide a more dynamic flow of contrasting energies to the images. It is this movement, this lifelike energy in the painting which I find most challenging to attain, most satisfying and visually most appealing once completed.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Many thanks everyone for your comments. I really enjoyed hearing from you and appreciate your words of encouragement!
As to posting images of my paintings, sigh.. I've been trying to figure out the way to it so they can remain permanently. I can see this is going to be an adventure all in its own for this newbie blogger. I thought what I tried would work, but not exactly what I was wanting to do. I will keep tinkering with this until I figure it out and can then post more images to share with you.
In many ways, "Silenced" has been one of those paintings that hold a special meaning for me, so perhaps it is appropriate that it have it's own special space. I went ahead and left it as is for now and will post others as soon as possible.

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